2021 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160

Type: Sporting Clays Raffle - Winners Drawn April 16th
Price: $150.00


2021 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160


This Jet Ski STX 160 comes packed with power & tons of features including:
- High-performance 1,498cc inline four-cylinder engine
- 20.6 gallon fuel capacity with excellent fuel economy and low emissions courtesy of efficient digital fuel injection system
- Balanced and responsive-handling hull that offers outsanding straight-line stability and agile maneuverability
- New nose grill and an aggressive new upper deck design offer sharp looks while minimizing water intrusion into gunwales for enhanced comfort
- Large rear deck for ease of boarding and convenient platform for prep of tow sport runs
- Kawasaki Smart Steering System monitors steering input and engine speed to assist handling under certain conditions
- Smart Learning Operations (SLO) feature for new riders
- Electronic Cruise Control functions
- All-digital multi-function instrumentation with east-to-read LCD panel
- Cupholders, retractable onboarding step, massive industry-first 35 gallon storage capacity and more!

This package will come complete with a trailer, cover, life vests, Coast Guard package - prepare to soak up the fun!

$150 per Ticket


Special Thanks to our friends at Kawasaki for providing this Raffle Prize!

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